Lower Illinois River

A Sportsman Paradise!

The Lower Illinois River, with its trout fishery, along with numerous recreational areas such as Tenkiller and Greenleaf Lakes and the R. S. Kerr Reservoir, have helped make Gore proud to be known not only as “The Trout Capital of Oklahoma“ but also the “Gateway to the Lakes” and a “Sportsmans Paradise.”
Gore offers YEAR ROUND TROUT FISHING, with the Oklahoma Wildlife Department stocking 100,000 rainbow trout annually at three sites, the River Road Access Area, MarVal Resort, and Tenkiller Powerhouse. These sites are stocked weekly in March, April, and May; biweekly for the rest of the year.

Sustained springtime water releases bring white bass on their spawning run all the way to the Webbers Falls Lock and Dam and the dams at Tenkiller and Greenleaf Lakes. These releases also attract walleye, striped bass, and even paddlefish. During the hot summer months, you can find stripers, walleye, and sauger on the lower end of the Illinois River.

Whatever your interest is, you will find it in Gore. Whether you want to relax at the lake, go shopping in one of our many antique stores or try scuba diving on Lake Tenkiller, you will surely enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Gore. Located on the Lower Illinois River and just 7 miles from Lake Tenkiller, there are so many different things to do, and you will need to come back several times to try them all.